Best Apps for Common Core Standards You Should Try

As the United States is currently undergoing one of the largest educational shifts in the entire history of America, the Common Core Standards are a heavy weight on the minds of educators and families. Luckily, there are some technological resources that have been designed to help find new ways to adapt to the Standards.

Here are the best apps for Common Core Standards

Common Core Standards

This free app is a convenient reference for students, parents, and teachers to use. It is an easy-to-comprehend guide to help with the new core standards. The app allows users to search through the standards based on subjects, categories, and grade level. In addition to the standards for Language Arts and Math, the app provides useful tools that go beyond college. Common Core Starts will give you tools to find a variety of resources in curriculum maps.

Word Wizard

Word Wizard provides thorough spelling practice for kinder levels up to elementary. The app allows students to hear the sounds of letters through using a talking alphabet on a moveable grid. The text to speed capabilities lets users pronounce an unlimited number or words and highlight the unrecognizable words using a spell-checker.

The app includes more than 1,400 questions that can be used to create quizzes and reports on the student’s progress. Word Wizard is a fun way to help educators bring phonemic awareness in the Common Core Standards.

Virtual Manipulatives!

Rated as one of the best free educational apps in the Apple Store, Virtual Manipulatives! Provides a virtual set of fraction bars that it is useful for teaching hands-on lessons. Math is often an abstract concept for students of all grade levels. The app compares fractions, decimals, and percentages for better comprehension.

Activity Spot by Frolyc

The Activity Spot app allows teachers to take advantage of iPads through exciting lesson plans that correlate with the Common Core Standards. The app is appropriate for all grade levels of k-12. Educators can create activities that require students to draw in response to a question with an interactive quiz, read multimedia content and develop visual organizers for mapping a concept.


The mathmateer app was recently featured as the winner of the New York Times’ Editor’s Choice Award. The app was developed to create 50 different missions that align with the Common Core Standards. Elementary school kids can take a journey with the Mathmateer and race to collect floating objects to solve math problems before the time runs out.

The range of math topics varies from counting and shapes to fractions and square roots. Kids can explore fifteen adventures and build their rockets while they develop solid math skills.

Splash Math

Splash Math is a free series app that provides teachers with a large variety of interactive mathematical games for elementary grades 1- 5. It is also the recent winner of the Gold Stevie Award for the reference and education category. The app is a self-paced mathematical program with engaging sounds and HD problem-solving images. It is a useful tool that teaches math concepts in all learning styles.


Scootpad is a free app that was created as an adaptive learning application that aligns with the Common Core Standards for kindergarten to grade five. The app enables teachers to create individual lesson plans for students in regards to math, language arts, reading, writing, spelling, and phonics. Scootpad allows teachers to keep track of progress reports, assessments, projects, and assignments.

The app also allows parents to keep track and informed on their child’s progress along with their assignments online.

Alphabet Zoo

Alphabet Zoo is primarily aimed at pre-school and kinder levels between the ages of two and six. The app was designed by educators to teach the letter-sound association. Alphabet Zoo also provides steps for reading under the Common Core Standards. Young achievers will enjoy the bright colored animals and creative sounds.

iTooch Elementary School

Designed for grade levels one to five, iTooch Elementary school features over 18,000 exercises as one of the largest collections of educational activities for the U.S. Common Core Standards in science, English language arts, and math. The colorful interface attracts kids to enjoy learning as the app provides comprehensive activities in home-based teaching.

Check out these awesome apps to help you enjoy the fundamentals of learning the Common Core Standards.

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