What Parents Need to Know About the Common Core Standards

Whether parents agree or disagree with Common Core, it is a fact of life for students in the United States. A recent poll stated that more than 37% of parents in public schools had never heard of Common Core or even knew enough to give an opinion on the matter.

If you’re one of them, we’ve got you covered. Here’s what parents need to know about the Common Core Standards.

What exactly is Common Core?

Common Core is a set of shared academic standard for math and English. The primary purpose of the Common Core Standards is that students must learn the norm education essentials, regardless of their location. Common Core standards were created with a goal of making American graduates highly competitive with their international neighbors.

Who created the Common Core Standards?

While the federal government supports the standards, they did not create them. In fact, Common Core was created by a group of professors who were formed the by nation’s top governors and educational leaders. Before the standards were finalized, teachers, parents, and school administrators provided their share of feedback regarding the criteria.

Curriculum and standards are not the same

Standards are implemented in a classroom that is left to the local educators and teachers. Common Core is a set of educational objects and goals. The curriculum varies from state to state, which can be confusing when methods used by one teacher may differ from choices made by another.

Parents have homework too

It is recommended that parents are to do their research and read up on the standards giving for each grade level. Experts agree that starting from the original Common Core site is best. The National PTA has also created easy-to-read guides that explain the standards thoroughly for each grade level along with tips on how to involve the teachings at home.

Math is rather new and a bit confusing

Common Core standards highly encourage depth in mastering math topics. It emphasizes on the ability of the study to analyze and explain their answers rather than knowing how to find the right ones.

With topics like fractions and divisions as well as other math essentials, they may look quite different than how parents were taught years ago. Teachers often show different concepts by using unfamiliar timelines and drawn charts.

In the past, we were taught how to find answers for about 50 problems. Now, the focus is on three issues, which are an in-depth and very in sequence. This method can upset parents who are unsure of these methods.

It may start as a struggle for some children

The theory of analyzing and explanations may be a struggle for some, along with their parents. Getting the right answers just isn’t enough anymore. Students who transition into a curriculum based on Common Core may have difficulty with how they achieved their answers.

Children are often caught off guard as they have trouble repeated back the instructions their teachers tell them. Kids must be able to analyze and apply the knowledge from their opinion.

Raise Awareness

Identifying the cause of concern for Common Core is important. Many parents realize that their concerns are not related to the standards but the issues that surround the implementation and assessments.

Parent must understand that the CCSS is an internationally benchmarked standard that reflects the skills and knowledge of the student to complete globally. As the transition to the Common Core transitions to new assessments, they will stand as a better measure for students to prepare for college and career readiness.

More than 70% of teachers are encouraged about the implementation of the standards in their class. They believe the Common Core will hold students and teachers to higher expectations, use better reasoning skills, improve the student’s ability to think critically and provide nationwide consistency.

Building Capacity

For the implementation of the Common Core to succeed, families must have the support to help students learn the standards. The Common Core requires shifts in the teaching and learning of language and mathematics. It is best to support the education of their child and be aware of what their students are asked to be as well as learn the class strategies at home.

The success of the Common Core depends on the mutual understandings of family and teachers along with support.

What do you think about the Common Core standards? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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