Educators, families, and schools can use these videos to start heated conversations about setting goals, assessing development tools, and creating a local instructional material. These video modules offer a model of Common Core Standard instructions for elementary, middle and high school.

Gather Momentum for Algebra

In this video, you will learn about the stages of building momentum for Algebra starting from the early beginnings in kindergarten. Professor William McCallum explains the difficulty of reaching Algebra and how the methods are slowly built up for the process.

Standard English Speaking and Writing Conventions

In this video, Susan Pimentel, J.D. explains the importance of proper grammar and how to apply complex conventions to English literacy for all grade levels.

Lesson Planning for Common Core

In this video, teachers will learn the type of lesson plans that make up the curriculum and how to teach differently from traditional methods. This includes creating materials and formative assessments for improved strategies for the Common Core.

Help Teachers with Focus and Coherence

In this video, Professor William McCallum discusses the role of teachers in the Common Core Standards. The intended focus was meant for teachers to create individual lesson plans that will help the class. He discusses the building blocks of progression during a young stage and coherence with mathematical practices.

Common Core Writing Lesson for Kindergarten

In this video, you will see a class up close and experience the anticipatory set for storytelling. WriteSteps is a research-based Common Core program that helps empower students to prepare for the next level of literacy.