Teaching the Common Core State Standards can be a challenging, especially as we were used to the traditional methods of teaching. Thankfully, these websites and apps can help make the transition easier with lesson plans, assessments, games and more. 

Check out these useful links that will guide you through essential reading materials from organizations behind the Common Core State Standards. 

Go! Animate


With this tool, you will be able to create your own animated videos. By using the voice of the students, they can record an MP3 or MP4 then import into the animate program. Students can access the useful tool when sharing a video using a computer generated voice or even your own voice. Just be sure to give the students proper instructions. 



VoiceThreat is another tool that will allow you to review literacy through reading, speaking, writing, viewing and listening. Teachers can create their own personalized VoiceThreads for students to use and respond to voice, text, or video. 

Common Curriculum


Common Curriculum offers helpful tutorial videos and examples to make classes easier to catch on and get started. Teachers can create standardized lesson templates to meet the goals and focus on the student’s skills. 



Voki is an interactive site that will give students the opportunity to create their avatars or make their version of a historical character. Students can use their voice to enhance the language skills while building vocabulary skills, answer questions and more. Teachers have the opportunity to create assignments and reinforce listening skills. There are nearly 200 lesson plans on the site.